Wesleyan University • Fall 2008

EYE OF HISTORY The Camera as Witness

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What can photographs tell us about the past?
Why do some pictures, and not others, become icons of historical events?

This fall, Wesleyan University hosts a series of exhibitions, talks, and films that explore these and other questions about photography and its role in historiography, historical memory, and public life. Organized by Associate Professor of History Jennifer Tucker, Eye of History: The Camera as Witness serves as a meeting point for people who share a common interest in photography, art and historical memory. The series will throw light on the many different ways in which documentary photographers, contemporary visual artists and historians grapple with issues of photographic meaning, evidence, and interpretation.

We can never really claim to have seen anything unless it has been photographed.

— Émile Zola, c. 1901, Minutes of the Camera Club of Paris